RAPPAROUND PUBLIC RELATIONS CONSULTING (RPRC) partners with elite brands to create and execute winning Public Relations and imaging campaigns. Specializing in the Fashion and Lifestyle industries, RappAround is a boutique service with full service capabilities. Based in Los Angeles, RappAround offers a one-stop shop for brands who desire deeper participation in the pop culture industry. RappAround prioritizes its clients, delivering unparalleled personal attention and developing customized programs including media campaIgns, celebrity seeding and event execution. From offices on La Cienega Boulevard in West Hollywood, RappAround leverages every aspect of modern technology to place instantaneous, global, and creative imprints in the modern media stream. As a boutique firm, RappAround chooses to partner with brands of similar DNA in their creative taste, leadership structure and goals.

MELISSA RAPPAPORT is the Principal of RappAround Public Relations Consulting. Melissa grew up in Boston and received a BA in Communications from the University of Michigan. Following graduation, Melissa moved to LA to pursue a career in Public Relations. Melissa joined the then fledgling Blue Cult as the head of their Public Relations department, where she garnered international attention for the denim brand. Melissa remained with Blue Cult for three years before establishing Spin Shoppe Public Relations with partners. At SSPR, Melissa headed the fashion department, as the force behind campaigns for Fred Segal Fun, Disney Vintage, Blue Cult and 2BFree. After three successful years launching Spin Shoppe with partners, Melissa’s top clients joined her in forming RappAround in early 2007. Since then, Melissa and her team continuously strive to achieve success for each client, acting as Ambassador, Lobbyist, and Advocate for each within the pop culture industry.